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What is SAT?

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When you click on either the Facebook "like" or Google +1 you are alerting your friends and
followers that you endorse and "like" what
you are watching.

What about things like physical artworks, goods, furniture etc?
Is there anything similar to the "like" feature for instance in front of a painting in the wall?

No ...
SAT is our solution!
it measures the time spent by people in
front of an artwork, a painting etc...

The more you watch it the more you like it

How it works?

SAT logo   "Smart Attention Tracker" (S.A.T.), a Fi-WARE based solution that measures the time spent by people either physically in front of an artwork at a design expo, or a painting at a museum etc.
More generally, it is a tool that registers how many people pass in front of something and how much time they spend looking at it.

S.A.T. is accompanied by a dashboard and reporting platform that helps you track measured data, store them and perform advanced analyses on them.

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